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Under the alias KAY JAM, Julien Cambarau develops his music composer and arranger skills. After being the bass or guitar player for about thirty musical projects up until today, he now decides to put himself at risk and takes the lead. With this very first personal project, he reconciles unique rhythms and unexpected musical structures. KAY JAM works on songs with controlled sounds, revealing a balance between smooth sensibility and imprisoned anger. 

Tightrope walker, with his bass on one side and his guitar on the other, Julien takes us on an invigorating journey, reminding us of Jeff Buckley, Radiohead or Pink Floyd. Rock ? Yes, but not only. By providing a permanent tension and uncommon rhythmics, KAY JAM is infinitely modern and combine rock music with slight pop trends and many other influences from his musical background.


LIGHT IN THE DARK     –     first single now available
LIGHT IN THE DARK – Official Video (directed by Mei Fa Tan)
STRANGER – solo acoustic version



11.10.2018 | Afterwork @ King Size Pub | Lausanne (CH)

07.09.2018 | La Fabrick Bar | Châtel St-Denis (CH)

27.06.2018 | WaveUp event powered by Yamaha | Crans-près-Céligny (CH)

18.05.2018 | SurfPlace | Penthalaz (CH)

28.04.2018 | Into de Yard | Lausanne (CH)

19.04.2018 | Les Trentenaires | Fribourg (CH)

14.04.2018 | Visions du Réel | Gland (CH)

13.04.2018 | Café Mogador | Lausanne (CH)

06.04.2018 | My Fu King Shop | Yverdon (CH)

04.04.2018 | RNV Unplugged | Orbe (CH)

16.03.2018 | No Name – Chauderon 18 | Lausanne (CH)

03.03.2018 | Schuss Festival @ SurfPlace | Penthalaz (CH)

03.03.2018 | Schuss Festival @ D! Club | Lausanne (CH)

24.02.2018 | Diablo’Zik Festival | Les Diablerets (CH)

17.02.2018 | Isenau Unplugged | Les Diablerets (CH)


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